Blood Bank - iOS app for blood donner

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Blood banks are places where blood is collected and stored before it is used for blood transfusions. Blood banks are done in the laboratory. This is to ensure that the donated blood and blood products are safe before they are used. Blood banks also determine blood types. Blood is also tested for infections.

Red blood cells carry oxygen to the tissues of the body. They are commonly used to treat anemia. Platelets help blood clots. They are used to treat leukemia and other forms of cancer.

White blood cells are a type of white blood cell that helps fight infections. It helps the immune process. Plasma is the watery liquid part of the blood. Red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets are part of this fluid.

Management panel URL:

Administrator credentials-

Admin panel username:-

Admin panel password: -123456

Administrator credentials-


Password: -123456

Blood Bank - iOS app for blood donner

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