BlogSafe Honeypot WordPress Plugin Download Free

BlogSafe Honeypot WordPress Plugin Download Free

Free BlogSafe Honeypot WP Plugin Download

BlogSafe Honeypot is a 'lite' version our private research tool. Instead of tracking where visitors go, it tracks where they want to go.

BlogSafe Honeypot is the "Lite" version of the private research tool. The purpose is to track two types of information. Analysis of data collected by BlogSafe Honeypot will get insight into an attempt to access known vulnerabilities and EmergingThreats. You can also analyze which username and password's Brute Force agent is trying to be forced to your site.

WordPress BlogSafe Honeypot Plugin Version is 1.0.1.

BlogSafe Honeypot Plugin last modified on 08/03/2021.

BlogSafe Honeypot WordPress Plugin has undefined Rating out of 5.

BlogSafe Honeypot WP Plugin is Free to Download.

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