Big Data Intro for IT Administrators, Devs and Consultants

Big Data Intro for IT Administrators, Devs and Consultants

Big Data Intro for IT Administrators, Devs and Consultants Udemy Course

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Big Data Intro for IT Administrators, Devs and Consultants Course Created by Toyin Akin.

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Big Data Intro for IT Administrators, Devs and Consultants Course Description

Understand "big data" and why you should look at this technology stack if you are a developer, database administrator, software architect, or IT consultant.

There are more job opportunities than last year in big data management and analytics, and many IT professionals are ready to invest their time and money in training.

In the past... as you know… some Years ago, systems were leveraged to extract, transform, and load data. (ETL) as a huge data warehouse with business intelligence Solutions built on top of it for reporting. Periodically all systems Back up and combine data into a reportable database. run and everyone was able to gain insight into what was going on.

The problem is that database technology is simply Multiple consecutive data streams. could not afford the volume of data. Incoming data cannot be modified in real time. and see They lacked tools that couldn't handle anything but relational queries. on the backend. Big data solutions provide highly indexed cloud hosting. Optimized data structures, automatic archiving and extraction The functional and reporting interface is designed to provide: Provides more accurate analytics to help businesses make better decisions.

better Business decisions mean businesses can reduce risk. Make better decisions that reduce costs and increase costs. Marketing and Sales Efficiency

This infographic from Informatica guides you through the risks and opportunities associated with leveraging big data in your business.

Big data is timely. Knowledge workers spend much of their day finding and managing data.

Big data accessible – Senior executives report difficulty accessing the right data.

Big data is holistic. Information is now held in silos within the organization. For example, marketing data can be found in web analytics, mobile analytics, social analytics, CRM, A/B testing tools, email marketing systems, and more.

Big Data is Trustworthy – Organizations measure the monetary cost of low data quality. As simple as monitoring multiple systems to update customer contact information, you can save millions of dollars.

Big data is relevant. Organizations are dissatisfied with the ability of tools to filter out irrelevant data. As simple as filtering customers in web analytics, you can gain a lot of insight into your acquisition efforts.

The Authority of Big Data – Organizations are wrestling with different versions of the truth, depending on the data source. By combining multiple validated sources, more companies can create highly accurate sources of intelligence.

Big data is actionable. Outdated or incorrect data can lead organizations to make bad decisions that cost billions of dollars.


Here is my curriculum for the current state of my Cloudera course.

My Hadoop course is based on Vagrant, so Destroy the virtual environment before applying the installation. Real server/VM.


Users with little or no knowledge of the Hadoop ecosystem Udemy Course: Introduction to Big Data for IT Managers, Developers, and Consultants


First practice with Vagrant A virtual environment on your local desktop. you don't want to be corrupt do not understand the steps or mistake. Udemy Course: Real World Vagrant for Distributed Computing


Then deploy Cloudera Manager plus on the virtual server and agents. The agent is the person who will sit on every prepared slave node. Hadoop service deployment Udemy Course: Real World Vagrant - Cloudera Manager Build Automation


Then deploy the Hadoop service across the cluster ( I installed Cloudera Manager in the previous step). we see logic It's about master and slave service placement. Udemy Course: Real World Hadoop - Deploying Hadoop with Cloudera Manager


If you want to use HDFS commands (distributed file manipulation practice). Udemy Course: Real World Hadoop - Hands-on on Enterprise Distributed Storage.


You can also automate Hadoop service deployment by: Python (using Cloudera Manager Python API). but this is advanced So manually First we deploy the Hadoop service. Udemy Course: Real World Hadoop - Automating Hadoop Installations with Python!


There are also upgrade steps. What if I have a running cluster Are you upgrading to a newer Hadoop cluster (Cloudera Manager and Hadoop service). Udemy Course: Real World Hadoop - Upgrading Cloudera and Hadoop

I developed and managed interest rate derivatives services for 6 years at "Royal Bank of Scotland" and 5 years at investment bank "BNP Paribas", and engineered and deployed In Memory DataBases (Oracle Coherence), NoSQL and Hadoop clusters. . (Cloudera) into production.

In 2016, I left to start my own training called POC-D. "Proof of Concept - Deliver" focused on providing training on In Memory Database (IMDB), NoSQL, BigData, and DevOps skills.

From Q3 2017, this includes FinTech training in capital markets using Microsoft Excel (Windows), JVM languages ​​(Java/Scala) and .NET (C#, VB.NET, C++/CLI, F# and IronPythion). Included.

I have a YouTube channel where I post snippets of my videos. These are not courses. This is an ad hoc video discussing various distributed computing ideas.

Check my website and/or YouTube for details.

See you inside...

Big Data Intro for IT Administrators, Devs and Consultants Course for

  • Software engineers who want to expand their skills into the world of distributed computing
  • System Engineers that want to expand their skillsets beyond the single server
  • Developers who want to write and develop distributed systems
  • Database Administrators who want to manage an Hadoop ODS or EDW with HIVE

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