Node.js is the most agile server-side web application platform. It enables application development companies to build a scalable single programming language web platform effortlessly. It includes cross-platform properties, allowing us to run code in environments other than browsers. That is why it is one of the most popular open-source JavaScript runtime frameworks among clients.

What is special about Node.js?

  • Has a clean and concise codebase
  • Easy to expand
  • Based on JavaScript - the most commonly used programming language
  • Best suited for agile development and prototyping
  • Has a low learning curve
  • Has a huge ecosystem to provide open-source libraries
  • Can be used to develop enterprise-level scalable applications faster
  • Developers can use a single code base to improve overall web performance

Interesting facts about Node.js:

  1. Amazon, Netflix, LinkedIn, eBay, PayPal, and Reddit use Node.js as their back-end framework
  2. Around 43% of Node.js developers use this framework to create enterprise-level applications
  3. PayPal noticed that after switching to Node.js, the average response time reduced by 35%
  4. Node.js can increase the performance of any existing application by 50%
  5. Node.js reduces application development costs by 58%
  6. Database company Statista mentioned that as of early 2020, Node is the most used framework among developers, accounting for 51.4%

The Best Node.js frameworks in 2021

Here’s a look at the most popular types of Node.js frameworks available:

1. Hapi.js

  • GitHub
    • Stars: 13.1k
    • Forks: 1.3k
    • Version: v20.1.0
    • Contributors: 208
    • Number of users: 16.5k
  • NPM weekly downloads: 485,012
  • License: BSD-3-Clause

Hapi.js is one of the simplest, safest, and reliable frameworks trusted by many developers. You can use Hapi.js to create scalable and robust applications with minimal overhead and out-of-the-box functionality. It is the top Node.js framework for developing JSON API.

Hapi.js can be used for:

  • Websites
  • HTTP proxy applications
  • Application Program Interface services

Main features of Hapi.js:

  • Input verification
  • Log
  • Error handling
  • Code reusability
  • Cache
  • No external dependencies
  • Configuration-based functions
  • Integration framework - provide comprehensive authentication and authorization API support in the Node framework.

When to use Hapi.js: Hapi.js is ideal for developing secure, real-time, scalable social media applications. Most mobile application developers like to use Hapi.js to create proxies and API servers.

Who is using Hapi.js:

  • commercetools
  • Main Stack
  • Beam
  • Taggun
  • Artifakt

2. Express.js

  • GitHub
    • Stars: 52.3k
    • Forks: 8.8k
    • Version: v4.17.1
    • Contributors: 262
    • Number of users: 9.2m
  • NPM weekly downloads: 18,499,451
  • License: MIT

Express.js is a flexible and simple Node.js application framework. This plugin is not built around specific components, so it does not limit the user in terms of technology. Due to this, developers have the freedom to experiment and get lightning-fast configuration and a pure JavaScript experience. These features make Express.js a strong competitor in the rapid prototyping and agile development market.

Express.js can be used to:

  • Single page application
  • Multi-page application
  • Hybrid application

Main features of Express.js:

  • Faster server-side development
  • Empowers developers to build RESTful APIs faster
  • Express supports MVC architecture but requires developers to do some extra work
  • Support NoSQL database out of the box

When to use Express.js:

Express.js is ideal for quickly creating web applications and services because it has ready-made API generation tools. It is part of MEAN, a JavaScript-based full-stack solution. You can use Express.js to make any browser-based enterprise-level application.

Who is using Express.js:

  • FindHotel
  • Omnipresent
  • Okay
  • GitHub
  • TheDoe

You can find Best Express.js Websites

3. Nest.js

  • GitHub
    • Stars: 35.5k
    • Forks: 3.4k
    • Version: 7.5.0
    • Contributors: 226
    • Number of users: 60.4k
  • NPM weekly downloads: 1,062,083
  • License: MIT

Nest.js is a server-side application framework built to liberate the productivity of developers and make their lives easier. Developers usually use this Node.js framework for better organization and management of code.

Nest.js can be used to:

  • Write clearer and reusable code.
  • Write code with a higher-level structure, such as interceptors, filters, pipelines, etc.
  • Write scalable, testable, and loose applications.

Main features of Nest.js

  • Easy to extend: can be used with other libraries.
  • Allow developers to code entirely in pure JavaScript.
  • Combines the features of functional programming, object-oriented programming, and reactive programming.
  • Open framework API to help developers use various third-party modules on multiple platforms.
  • It has a detailed and well-maintained document.

When to use Nest.js: Nest.js is mainly used to write applications that are extensible, testable, and loosely coupled. It raises the expansion potential of Node.js to a whole new level. It provides a proper balance of structure and flexibility, can efficiently manage your large-scale project code, and still have a sense of system to follow.

Who is using Nest.js:

  • Roche
  • Adidas
  • Decathlon
  • Capgemini

You can find Best Nest.js Websites

4. Koa.js

  • GitHub
    • Stars: 30.9k
    • Forks: 3k
    • Version: 2.13.1
    • Contributors: 219
    • Number of users: 160k
  • NPM weekly downloads: 1,222,226
  • License: MIT

Koa.js is an open-source Node web framework created by the original team of Express.js. With Koa, their goal is to create a smaller, more valuable, and more powerful platform for web applications and APIs. It provides a variety of efficient methods to make the process of building services faster.

Koa.js can be used to:

  • Front desk system
  • back-end system
  • Hybrid system

The main features of Koa.js:

  • Representing the modern and future
  • Compared with all Node.js frameworks, it is smaller.
  • There is a built-in error catcher to prevent the website from crashing.
  • Use the context object, which has both request and response objects.

When to use Koa.js:

Koa.js is most suitable for creating servers, routing, handling responses, and handling errors.

Who is using Koa.js:

  • Paralect
  • LetzChange
  • BrainHub
  • Bulb


  • GitHub
    • Stars: 52.7k
    • Forks: 9.6k
    • Version : 4.0.0
    • Contributors: 189
    • Number of users: 2.2m
  • NPM weekly downloads: 3,617,636
  • License: MIT is a framework used to create real-time two-way communication between the client and the server. The client needs to install the framework in the browser HTTP: //, and the server must also integrate Bag. This allows data to be shared in millions of forms. However, the most popular method is still JSON. It consists of the following two parts:

  1. JavaScript service: Node.js
  2. JavaScript client library: Node.js Note: It is also compatible with many other languages, such as Java, C+, Swift, Dart, .Net, and Python. can be used for:

  • Various namespaces
  • broadcast
  • Event handling
  • Error handling
  • Log and debug
  • Chat app
  • internal main features:

  • Encode information into named JSON or binary events.
  • Add “real-time” capabilities to the application.
  • Support automatic reconnection
  • Excellent speed and reliability
  • Instant messaging and chat

When to use It is one of the best event-based real-time two-way communication tools. Anyone who wants to add real-time analysis capabilities to their applications should use it. socket.ioIt is also useful for real-time gaming applications. It is not feasible to use basic HTTP or HTTPS protocols in real-time games because these files are large, and it takes time to establish communication. Here, we use a smaller socket package to complete the work almost in real-time to get a smoother and better experience.

Who is using

  • Alibaba Travels
  • Patreon
  • Trello
  • Justmop
  • Plaid

You can find Best Websites

6. Meteor.js

  • GitHub — Stars: 42.3k
    • Forks: 5.2k
    • Version : 4.0.0
    • Contributors: 452
  • NPM: Not available
  • License: MIT

Meteor.js is an open-source full-stack JavaScript platform. JavaScript runs in different places according to different intents. JavaScript runs inside the web browser; then JavaScript runs on the Meteor server in the Node.js container, supporting HTML fragments, static resources, and CSS rules.

Meteor.js can be used to:

  • The whole process of mobile application
  • The entire process of web application

Main features of Meteor.js:

  • Pure JavaScript
  • Clean and robust data synchronization
  • Interoperability
  • Smart kit
  • Hot code update

When to use Meteor.js: Meteor.js has the ability of rapid prototyping and can generate cross-platform (Android, iOS, Web) code. It is also one of the most straightforward learning frameworks because it does not follow strict structural rules. Therefore, Meteor.js can be used by any beginner or intermediate developer who wants to create applications for multiple platforms with a minimal learning curve.

Who is using Meteor.js:

  • Accenture
  • NetApp
  • Rocket Chat
  • Esri
  • Nordstrom

7. Adonis.js

  • GitHub
    • Stars: 9.7k
    • Forks: 498
    • Version : 5.0.13
    • Contributors: 47
    • Number of users: 754
  • Weekly downloads: 3808
  • License: MIT

Adonis.js is a Node.js MVC framework that can run on all operating systems. It provides a stable ecosystem for writing server-side Web applications, allowing developers to focus on business needs, such as finalizing which package to choose or exclude. It is an ideal choice for Laravel developers who are experimenting with the Node.js framework. Adonis.js provides Node.js with the same functions and capabilities that Laravel naturally has.

Adonis.js can be used to:

  • Build a web application
  • Application Program Interface Service

Main features of Adonis.js:

  • Powerful ORM helps to perform safe SQL queries.
  • API and session-based authentication system
  • Verify and sanitize the input of each user.
  • High emphasis on safety issues
  • Scalable application layering

When to use Adonis.js: If you are a Node.js developer looking for MVC tools, Adonis.js is your preferred Node.js framework. However, if you are a Laravel developer or any other mobile application framework developer, you can still give Adonis.js a chance. You can even try Adonis.js when migrating from PHP to Node.js.

Who is using Adonis.js:

  • Dotgroup
  • DORMshed
  • Nina
  • Zelo
  • FindUp

8. Sails.js

  • GitHub
    • Stars: 21.9k
    • Forks: 1.9k
    • Version: 1.4.0
    • Contributors: 229
    • Number of users: 23.3k
  • Weekly downloads: 20,457
  • License: MIT

Sails.js is another real-time Node.js MVC framework. It is built on Express, and its MVC architecture is similar to Ruby on Rails. It differs from Ruby on Rails in that it provides support for more modern, data-centric APIs and Web application development styles.

Sails.js can be used to:

  • Build enterprise-level Node.js applications
  • Build front-end applications
  • Build a back-end application that handles HTTP requests

Main features of Sails.js:

  • Support automatic generation of REST APIs
  • With simple WebSocket integration
  • Compatible with any popular front-end framework: Angular, Android, React, iOS, Windows, or any custom hardware.
  • It also has real-time function support

When to use Sails.js: Any developer who wants a Node.js framework that mimics the MVC pattern (such as Laravel and Ruby on Rails), implement modern application architecture, and build data-centric APIs and real-time applications should use Sails.js.

Who is using Sails.js:

  • Tutor Platform
  • Redox Engine
  • Brainhub
  • Created Informed
  • People Grove

There are many new Node.js frameworks on the market. Different Node.js frameworks will help you develop projects at various stages and bring immense value. Use these frameworks wisely, and you will never have to worry about your application development.

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