Becoming a bridge engineer

Becoming a bridge engineer

Becoming a bridge engineer Udemy Course

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Becoming a bridge engineer Course Created by Dr. Isabella Vasilopoulou.

The world of bridge engineering: The structural design and construction of bridges through the eyes of a bridge designer.

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English .

Becoming a bridge engineer Course Instructor Dr. Isabella Vasilopoulou (Consultant Structural Engineer, PhD).

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  • This course is prepared for young civil engineers who would like to build a career as bridge engineers, or are just fascinated by bridges.


Bridges are part of our world and constitute one of the most interesting fields of structural engineering. They serve us tirelessly, causing awe and admiration to those who cross them. They stand silent and proud in a delicate agreement with nature, daring to challenge it, while respecting it. Bridges are high-demanding engineering projects, requiring the application of the most recent technological achievements and dictating the close cooperation of many disciplines, among which surveying, transportation, structural, geotechnical, hydraulic, mechanical engineers and geologists. Without a doubt, bridges are captivating projects, a pure temptation for us engineers.

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