Axure RP 7 原型設計基礎課程 – 基礎工具應用

Axure RP 7 原型設計基礎課程 – 基礎工具應用

Axure RP 7 原型設計基礎課程 – 基礎工具應用 Udemy Course

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Axure RP 7 原型設計基礎課程 – 基礎工具應用 Course 建立者: 慕課 癮科技, UserXper 悠識數位顧問有限公司.

Axure RP 7 原型設計基礎課程 – 基礎工具應用 has 4.3 rating out of 5 based on 7 students. Currently this course has 172 位學生. Course langwage is 繁體中文.

Axure RP 7 原型設計基礎課程 – 基礎工具應用 Course Description

The greatest feature of Axure RP is the ability to modularize web pages or APP elements and create interactive simulations of the actual operation of digital products. By helping friends who don't know how to write programs, you can quickly build interface ideas. Therefore, after completing this course, you will learn how to use Axure RP to quickly create interactive prototypes that will help you plan your interface.

The course is divided into three main chapters. The first chapter will show you the basic interface, such as how to create a page, how to place components in a page layout, and how to edit. Chapter 2 will help you understand how to share files and files with other partners. Chapter 3 introduces the core features of Axure RP, key interactions, and help you build a complete, interactive prototype of your class. Therefore, PM for digital products is very suitable for this course. AxureRP is meant to help you express your digital product ideas and present the overall structure through interactive effects. UI designers are also very well suited because Axure RP interaction settings are very easy to learn. This eliminates the need to write programs and allows UI designers to quickly present the overall interaction.

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Axure RP 7 原型設計基礎課程 – 基礎工具應用 Course for

  • 數位產品的PM
  • UI 設計師
  • 對 UI 設計有興趣的人
  • 網站製作人
  • 網站企劃

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