Arduino Robotics, IOT, Gaming : Arduino for Kids & Parents

Arduino Robotics, IOT, Gaming : Arduino for Kids & Parents

Arduino Robotics, IOT, Gaming : Arduino for Kids & Parents Udemy Course

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Arduino Robotics, IOT, Gaming : Arduino for Kids & Parents Course Created by Robolabz STEM School.

Arduino Robotics, IOT, Gaming : Arduino for Kids & Parents has 4.4 rating out of 5 based on 59 students. Currently this course has 574 students. Course langwage is English.

Arduino Robotics, IOT, Gaming : Arduino for Kids & Parents Course Description

Become a technology creator right now!!! Discover the scientist inside me.

# There are no boring theories. Start programming with Arduino from the first lecture.

Do you want to build something right away without going too deep into boring thematic theory? Then I landed on the right path.

#30-day money back guarantee, but you won't need it :)

#student reviews

- Easy step-by-step process

- Excellent for IoT

- This is a very useful course. I completed 1/2 of the course in 1-2 weeks. I've learned a lot, taught my friends and got a second place and I'm very happy.

Learn by applying the theory

Studies show that learning theory leads to reduced interest in a topic and is one of the biggest obstacles to learning something new or new. That's why we've created an Arduino course for any institution that is just starting out building Arduino applications and learning the theory together. You can make such a complex craft look like a kid's thing!!

Three parts of the process

Arduino Robotics to learn all the basics of Arduino hardware and programming

Arduino Internet of Things (IOT) for learning applications on Arduino

Arduino Hardware Game Design Course to Program an Arduino as a Game Controller

I've intentionally kept the process short to deliver results quickly, and I intentionally skipped some concepts that weren't necessary during the start but were barriers to starting to enjoy the technology. You will learn concepts to understand the electronics or science behind everything, design and build circuits from scratch, and build logic for Arduino programming, but I'm sure you will start building Arduino applications from the first session.

Easy to use and learn two softwares together

We will be using a scratch-based programming platform that will allow learners to immediately start writing Arduino programs. You can easily learn various programming concepts such as for loops, while loops, if & else statements. The software also generates IDE code so you can learn the coding and syntax used in the Arduino IDE.

Build your own Arduino Robotics and Arduino Internet of Things (IOT) applications

A Step-by-Step Approach to Building an IOT System Learn the basic IOT basics to develop and build your own applications on IOT without using any special hardware.

Building step-by-step electronic circuits for LEDs and motors

Building electronic circuits

LED Control from Internet, Mobile and Keyboard

Control your robot from internet, mobile and keyboard

Build a home security system that can be remotely controlled from anywhere in the world

Be a game developer and create your own Arduino Playstation!!

A step-by-step approach to building animations, programming instructions for building games, and programming your Arduino to build your own games that you can control with hardware (push buttons, sensors) interfaced with the Arduino, you can also program your computer . You can use the keyboard to play the game. During the process, you will create many games such as:

Flapping Wings Bat Game

You can use the IR sensor to play Obstacle Avoidance Bird.

The complete paddle brick game

Car Racing Games

Learn how to program game features

Display dynamic score

Display a message about winning or losing a game

Register now and enjoy creating your skills!!!

We are a team of experts with domain expertise in various fields. All team members are very passionate and passionate about education. Our team members have experience teaching a wide range of age groups, from 6 years old to working professionals. We have the expertise.

- STEM education

- Personal and Career Development

- Industry Consulting and Project Management

- Manufacturing and Automation

- Digital Manufacturing

Education must be practical, all courses are based on real-world experience, and theoretical concepts are also tried to explain in practice. We do not develop courses without practical expertise.

Arduino Robotics, IOT, Gaming : Arduino for Kids & Parents Course for

  • Any beginner in Arduino
  • Children above 10 yrs (below 10yrs under supervision)
  • Parents who wish to teach Electronics, Robotics, Arduino programming to their kids
  • STEM educators & Teachers
  • Anyone who wants to start an Arduino Robotics or STEM Class for kids

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