Applying Asynchronous Programming in C# Pluralsight

Applying Asynchronous Programming in C# Pluralsight

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This course will teach you how to get started with asynchronous programming in .NET. You will learn how to apply these patterns in new and existing applications and you will see how to avoid the common mistakes.

What you'll learn

Do you want to build fast, responsive, and overall better applications by applying asynchronous principles? You'll need to understand how to safely and effectively introduce asynchronous programming in your applications.

In this course, Applying Asynchronous Programming in C#, you’ll learn the fundamentals of asynchronous programming in C#:

explore how to properly apply the async and await keywords discover the Task Parallel Library and understand how it relates to async and await learn more about how introducing asynchronous patterns affects the application, how to avoid pitfalls, and how to best approach these patterns When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of asynchronous programming needed to apply this in your C# applications.

Table of contents

  • Course Overview
  • Getting Started with Asynchronous Programming in C# using Async and Await
  • Using the Task Parallel Library for Asynchronous Programming
  • Exploring Useful Methods in the Task Parallel Library
  • Async and Await Advanced Topics and Best Practices
  • Asynchronous Programming Deep Dive

About the author

Filip Ekberg Filip is an enthusiastic developer that strives to learn something new every day. With over a decade of experience in .NET, Filip actively spreads his knowledge and ideas around the globe.

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