After Effects cc : はじめてのVisualEffects!プロが教えるVFX動画制作

After Effects cc : はじめてのVisualEffects!プロが教えるVFX動画制作

After Effects cc : はじめてのVisualEffects!プロが教えるVFX動画制作 Udemy Course

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After Effects cc : はじめてのVisualEffects!プロが教えるVFX動画制作 Course 作成者: OMOKAGE TV.

After Effects cc : はじめてのVisualEffects!プロが教えるVFX動画制作 has 4.4 rating out of 5 based on 568 students. Currently this course has 6955人の受講生. Course langwage is 日本語.

After Effects cc : はじめてのVisualEffects!プロが教えるVFX動画制作 Course Description

Part 2 of the AfterEffects series!

※Mocha cc changed from Mocha cc to Track in Boris FX Mocha due to Ae update. It is slightly different from the latest version of Ae working screen. (Section 4 lecture 190 only) This course support is until ver2018. I am glad if you can understand. VFX is the abbreviation for Visual Effects, which is called visual effects in Japanese. Speaking of VFX, you can create amazing images by synthesizing things that cannot be realistic, such as the hologram expression in sci-fi movies, with the live-action image. This technology can be realized with one PC at home. VFX video production technology is the ability to create different YouTube videos, to show attractive videos for video advertisements, or to demonstrate skills at work. This time, we created a curriculum so that anyone can challenge that stage. Let's enjoy creativity to the fullest! ! Please let me know if you have any requests.

※This course is a practical curriculum. Beginners are welcome to take this course, but if you do not know how to use AfterEffects at all, we recommend that you review or take the other course “Relaxed even for the first time! Video content creation techniques taught by active creators”.

What is your specialty?

My name is OMOKAGETV Morita. During the day, I am a director and creator of a company's PV video advertisement. At night, I do video creation using VFX with OMOKAGETV, motion graphics, etc. every day. It is very rewarding to think that Udemy allows you to connect with creators and engineers around the world. You can improve your skills by repeating input and output. A person who can make something is strong. I share the knowledge I have accumulated for that purpose. I make a living doing what I really love. We are grateful for the times we are able to make this happen. Then see you on the course! ■ Udemy 2015 OMOKAGETV opened/first course launched 2016 course production in the video production category 2017 After Effects course bestseller 2018 Premiere Pro course bestseller 2019 UdemyLIVE participation in 2020 number of students 20000 iOS app development/Web build-Suset Live iOS App consignment development BIGLOBE Co., Ltd. (resident as a freelancer) Baru

~Video~KDDI Co., Ltd. Corporate PV shooting/editing grooo Seongnam Credit Union/Tokyo Dome Aurora Vision 30 seconds CM Tokyo/Tokyo two people story 15 seconds CM Shinjuku/Shibuya signage

■ We are YouTubeOMOKAGETVYoutuber. →As of April, 2019, the number of registered 3900~VISUAL CODE image skills is being transmitted. →2000 registered as of April, 2019-■ VISUAL CODEUdemy As supplementary knowledge, we have established a YouTube channel, a site where you can learn the latest video production techniques. ■Skills and Hobbies 剛柔流 Karate 2-Step Fitness YouTube Search for digital gadgets Overseas bullet travel Hot spring tour I like BBQ's bonfires.

After Effects cc : はじめてのVisualEffects!プロが教えるVFX動画制作 Course for

  • 映像制作初心者から中級者へスキルアップしたい方
  • VFX(視覚効果)映像を作りたい方
  • AfterEffects使いになりたい方

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