Advanced Level Psychology - ACCREDITED CERTIFICATE

Advanced Level Psychology - ACCREDITED CERTIFICATE

Advanced Level Psychology - ACCREDITED CERTIFICATE Udemy Course

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Advanced Level Psychology - ACCREDITED CERTIFICATE Course Created by Elmira Strange, MPhil, Dip.

Advanced Level Psychology - ACCREDITED CERTIFICATE has 4.5 rating out of 5 based on 1350 students. Currently this course has 6,557 students. Course langwage is English.

Advanced Level Psychology - ACCREDITED CERTIFICATE Course Description

Welcome to the 'Advanced Psychology' course!

Have you ever wondered why some people behave in very different or even 'strange' ways? What makes us all 'different' from each other? Have you ever wondered what a psychological disorder is? Does psychology fascinate you?

Then you should be ready to take this comprehensive advanced psychology course!

What you will learn in this course:

What is Perception, Attention, and Thinking

Why we follow others and authorities

How to judge others

Development of children at different ages

What is Anxiety, Depression and Other Emotional Disorders

How to treat 'abnormal behavior'

And much more!

P.S. This course is now accredited by the International Association of Therapists (IAOTH).

P.P.S. At the end of the course, you will see instructions on how to obtain a certificate of completion.

My name is Elmira Strange and I am a Motivational Psychologist (MPhil) and Certified Life Coach (Dip). I am passionate about working with students who want to learn about psychology, psychotherapy, counseling and coaching.

My previous work was teaching at UK universities on research psychology and psychology and counseling topics.

Unusual: I was born in northern Kazakhstan (-40 degrees below zero in winter and 40 degrees in summer), moved to Moscow, Russia, and finally to London, England.

Interesting: In 2012, I had a life-saving surgery and a near-death experience. The near-death experience made me realize that we are here to share knowledge, help each other and enjoy this life.

My interests: psychology, motivation, personal development, therapy

Previous Experience: Prior to Udemy, when I was working at the University (Wales, UK) as a Principal Researcher and Psychology Lecturer, I learned what to learn from 'Study of Stress in Families of Children with Disabilities' with a focus. It makes people stressed and unhappy.

I have been working as an 'online entrepreneur' since 2006. Writing blogs and books, making YouTube videos, and teaching psychology and self-development have become my real passions. Udemy courses combine an extensive knowledge of 'online entrepreneurship' with a passion for motivational psychology, coaching, and psychotherapy.

Advanced Level Psychology - ACCREDITED CERTIFICATE Course for

  • Students wishing to pursue Psychology studies
  • Individuals who wants to re-familiarise themselves with the topic of Psychology
  • Anyone who is changing direction in their career to the more Psychology based work
  • Anyone who likes to expand their knowledge for personal use

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