Advanced Excel - Top Excel Tips & Formulas

Advanced Excel - Top Excel Tips & Formulas

Advanced Excel - Top Excel Tips & Formulas Udemy Course

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Advanced Excel - Top Excel Tips & Formulas Course Created by Leila Gharani.

Advanced Excel - Top Excel Tips & Formulas has 4.7 rating out of 5 based on 7827 students. Currently this course has 35,608 students. Course langwage is English.

Advanced Excel - Top Excel Tips & Formulas Course Description

If you are a business professional who uses (or will use) Microsoft Excel on a daily basis, this is the course!

This course will help you build a strong foundation in Excel and solve complex problems quickly-this is the way:

Use my top 10 tips to save time

Learn the top 10 formulas for quick and dynamic analysis

This course contains over 90 pages of top 10 tips and detailed downloadable PDFs of formulas. Now you can read, see, and do both!

Top 10 raises awareness of the most useful Excel features to work faster and smarter. Only if you know the scope and potential that Excel offers can you handle any type of analysis in the best possible way.

In their own words:

Carlo said: "It's a great course with lots of easy-to-understand content. Now you can master the pivot table and many other features. It's easy to understand and understand. The instructor speaks and explains clearly. It's very helpful. , Information can be easily retained. "

Sahar said: "Very useful tips. Anyone who uses Excel needs to learn these so that they can further take advantage of the built-in features."

Stephen said: "Well-explained, excellent material and topics. Very useful in my daily work."

Advanced Excel skills are very relevant In business. Regardless of your current or planned role I will undertake it. Finance, consulting, IT, project management, With advanced Excel skills, you can set yourself apart from the competition.

What is the difference between an advanced Excel user and an average Excel user?

Advanced users of Microsoft Excel are aware of the tools and features available and can apply the right tools to the right tasks, rather than relying on reliable tools to make them work in all situations. Advanced Excel users will always find the best solution for every task and find it quickly!

What is the difference between this Microsoft Excel course and other courses?

The reason I created this particular advanced Excel course is that there are many advanced Excel users who are unaware of the key features and formulas of Excel. I understand that taking Excel training can be very broad and covers too many topics in many courses. It's easy to get lost. Also, you may not immediately understand why some features are useful and how to actually apply them. We are habitual creatures and it is difficult to worry about learning new technologies. As a result, you may have missed some features that can greatly simplify the use of Excel.

Differentiation Factor #1

Focus-The Top 10 focuses on the key features of Excel and provides a solid and powerful foundation for Excel.

Differentiation Factor #2

Practice and Learn-This advanced Microsoft Excel course is well organized and organized. You can download an Excel demo workbook to use for demonstrating and practicing each feature. You can then test your knowledge by doing exercises from the Excel Exercise Workbook. Real learning happens when you try to solve the problem yourself. Answers are provided, but if you get stuck, ask a question. Your question will always be answered.

Differentiation coefficient #3

Attractive-I have made every attempt to keep the course interesting and attractive by combining a speaking head description with a screencast demo. Each course is divided by topic and function. This makes it easy to choose what you want to learn now or what you want to see later.


The main goal of this training is to raise awareness of Excel's key tools and formulas to help solve complex problems. The user is unaware that he or she does not know. Only if you know the scope and potential that Excel offers can you handle any type of analysis in the best possible way.

To be advanced in Excel, you need practice, preparation to learn new methods, and the willingness to apply these to real-world cases. Take this course and get a good start!

Leila Gharani is a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) aimed at helping you create great tools and reports in Excel and Google Sheets. Her course is for those who want to shine at work, accelerate their careers and achieve more in less time.

Leila's background is Master of Economics, Economist, Consultant, Oracle HFM Accounting System Expert, and Project Manager. She has worked in the Treasury and IT departments for over 15 years implementing reporting systems based on Oracle and SAP. In the meantime, she uses Excel VBA to automate and improve the process.

Since 5 years, Leila has been running her site and has an active YouTube channel that offers a large number of engaging and high quality videos. She provides large companies with customized spreadsheet dashboard seminars and enhanced visualization technology. She also teaches at the University of Applied Sciences in Upper Austria.

Her course includes examples based on her experience and the consulting work she has done to international companies. Many of the Excel tips and tricks she shares are based on questions received from experienced professionals during Excel training sessions.

She places great value on keeping the course attractive as well as informative. This allows students to find enough assignments, exercises, and downloadable files to practice so that they can maximize the value they get from each course.

Leila's passion is to learn, share and solve difficult data analysis problems.

Advanced Excel - Top Excel Tips & Formulas Course for

  • You currently use Microsoft Excel and want to improve your skills
  • You want to be sure you have the Excel knowledge necessary to officially call yourself "advanced"
  • You are a student, planning to take on a job that requires sound Excel knowledge
  • You are a financial analyst who uses Excel on a daily basis and would like to learn if there is more to it than you currently know

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