Accessibility by Audioeye WordPress Plugin Download Free

Accessibility by Audioeye WordPress Plugin Download Free

Free Accessibility by Audioeye WP Plugin Download

AudioEye automatically finds and fixes common accessibility issues on your site. This plugin provides an easy way to install AudioEye’s accessibility …

AudioEye's patented technology tests over 400 accessibility and compliance issues and reduces many of them to automatically fix and allow content to access content. After that, Audieye monitors your site about new issues with visitor of all sites and detects and corrects hundreds of errors, and we can not fix and require your attention Provides a report dashboard that identifies. Advanced planning, AudioEye has a certified accessibility professional team that can help you through your accessibility journey. For problems that can not be modified automatically, we show what is the problem and how to deal with it on your site. If a lawsuit occurs, Audiyeye is here to support all steps in the way here. Look at the price here. A link to sign up to a new account is displayed during the plug-in activation process. You must provide the AudioEye site ID to log in to an existing AudioEye account.

WordPress Accessibility by Audioeye Plugin Version is 1.0.46.

Accessibility by Audioeye Plugin last modified on 02/09/2022.

Accessibility by Audioeye WordPress Plugin has 5 Rating out of 5.

Accessibility by Audioeye WP Plugin is Free to Download.

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