3D Mosaic Gallery - Advanced Media Gallery

3D Mosaic Gallery - Advanced Media Gallery Description

December 17, 2020: Set pixel ratio on mobile devices

3D Mosaic Gallery is a stunning photo slideshow application built with WebGL and offers many customization options.

Technical design not only offers many classic OOP benefits such as the single-responsibility principle, but also a wide range of public methods specific to each component.

All UI elements are designed as components separated from zero. Components are loosely coupled widget objects that can be reused and customized in different projects.

You can easily customize and extend your application with your own code. Use RequireJS to provide a standalone building block as an AMD module.

The beautiful 2D gallery is implemented as a browser fallback with unsupported CSS3D features. The app will automatically switch to fallback mode to ensure the best user experience.

Image credit: unsplash.com

Video credits: pexels.com

3D Mosaic Gallery - Advanced Media Gallery

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